Archer Nail Bar

Archer Hand and Body Lotion


A gentle formulation of excellent emollient and skin-replenishing ingredients that nourish the skin.  The lotion helps maintain the skin’s optimal moisture level and pH balance while supporting natural defenses that protect against external dirt and drying environments. 8 fl oz.


  • Glam: Bergamot and Thyme

  • Chill: Eucalyptus and Lavender

  • Power: Rosemary and Mint

  • Play: Cucumber and Lime

Key Ingredients

  • Shea Butter:  Luxurious texture, a rich source of antioxidants and skin-replenishing fatty acids both stearic and linoleic.

  • Sunflower Seed Oil:  On average has a 60% linoleic acid content with the ability to help replenish, strengthen, and soothe skin.

  • Ginseng:  Known to deliver antioxidant benefits and boost hydration.

  • Ivy & Comfrey:  Soothing properties.

  • Cucumber:  Skin emollient and softener.

How to use

Apply and gently massage into the skin.  Allow the lotion to absorb.  Use as needed to hydrate and nourish allover.  Pay attention to hands, feet, elbows and other areas prone to dry skin.  Repeat as needed.

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