Healthy Nails, Healthy Planet - Archer's Waterless Services

Taking time to get outside and walk in the sunshine, breathe in some fresh air (through my new face mask), and appreciate a little bit of nature within our city has gotten me through all one million years of quarantine. It makes me so thankful for everyone who makes an effort to take care of our planet on a daily basis. 

When opening Archer Nail Bar, we wanted to make sure that we were being cognizant of the times we are living in and do our part in protecting the planet. All our lives, we've been getting our nails done at salons that soak your nails in grimy tubs with a dainty lemon wedges and haphazardly plucked bunches of mint. Think of the amount of water that it takes to fill each tub for every service... not to mention, the soaking and drying out of nails causes your polishes to peel and chip. We tailored our services to be the most eco-friendly and healthy for your nails - waterless! Instead of sitting in your chair, unable to use your hands to scroll through your News app while your hands sit in a bowl of lukewarm water, our artists wrap your hands (or feet) in hot towels to soften your cuticles. Ok, spa vibes! 

This Earth Day feels a little different than years past. The world seems to be telling us to slow down, reduce the strain we put on the planet and reset. It makes me so happy to work for a nail bar that thinks about ways in which we can help keep our planet (and our nails) healthy!